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I am not in your area, can we still work together?

Don’t you just recommend the lender who pays you the most commission?

How much can I borrow?

Why should I use a mortgage broker if I can go with a bank?

What happens if I don’t have the normal 20% deposit that most banks require?

My parents wish to sell me their house at below market, is there a bank that will use the higher valuation rather than the contract price in this circumstance?

I need to borrow against my home to pay ATO/tax debt. Is there a bank that can help me?

I’m looking to build two or three houses/townhouses on my current property, can you assist with funding the project?

What is the maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) on Community title properties?

Is it possible to have an Offset Account against a fixed rate loan?

I am an Australian citizen but currently work and reside overseas. Can I borrow to purchase a property in Australia for investment purposes or alternatively to live in as an owner occupier if I return to Australia?

I’m a director of a large number of companies, do I need to provide tax returns for all the companies to prove my income?

My loan has been declined. What can I do?

My bank won’t lend me the amount I need, what can I do?

The valuation of the property I bought came back low. Is there anything I can do?

How do I apply for a home loan?

I am a first home buyer with limited savings, what sort of assistance can my parents provide?

How long do I have to stay as guarantor on my children’s loan?

Can a person other than a parent or close relative provide guarantees to loan applications?

When providing security guarantees, can the guarantor keep their property with their existing bank if it is not the same as the bank who is issuing the loan?

My builder says the building contract will be a Split Contract. Can you help me structure my finances with this type of contract?

Are there any alternatives to an offset account?

Is it worth paying extra fees for an offset account?

Can we borrow if it’s a community title?

What to do when your loan application has been declined

Why was I declined by lenders mortgage insurance?

I am a self-employed non-resident, is there a bank that will lend to me for property purchases in Australia?

Are there any banks that only require three month loan statements for refinances?

Do banks allow “borrowers of convenience”, where a third party can be brought on as a co-borrower to assist with loan affordability?

I have loans in my company name. Will a lender need to factor these in when determining my borrowing capacity?

What does a mortgage broker do?

Do you charge fees for home and investment loans?