Ever thought of converting to solar energy in your business?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our energy landscape is changing. As the price of power continues to rise, smart businesses are looking for strategies to better manage their energy costs. One solution is investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency — it can generate significant savings not only in energy use and costs but with financial assistance via Grants from the Government. Energy assets typically involve a large upfront cost and low operating costs. In some cases, access to capital can restrict an organisation’s ability to make these types of investments. A number of lenders have now designed a range of lending products to help businesses acquire new energy assets. Our operational, market and specialist energy asset expert – John Murphy provides us with the background to design innovative solutions for your organisation. How does the finance work? Our goal is to provide a product that works for you. We are developing our products through consultation with energy retailers, energy service companies, commercial and industrial clients and Small the Medium sized business.

We are finding that clients often now choose financing solutions to provide the capital required to minimise their energy costs. For more information as to how we can assist in this area feel free to call Giulia Polizzi on 03 9854 3586 Got your own question? Ask us now!