Small Ticket Finance – Plant, Equipment And Technology

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Have your client’s considered the option of Small Ticket Commercial Finance?

Steer them away from finance arrangements with suppliers offering high interest rates, incorrect finance products and inflexible repayment options. Acceptance Finance has alternative financing options for your clients, allowing them to finance new computer equipment, photocopiers, printers and other office items at competitive small ticket finance rates.

➢ Minimum Finance Amount $5,000
➢ Maximum Finance Amount $25,000
➢ Terms 12 – 60 months
➢ Chattel Mortgage, Lease & CHP Agreements
➢ Sole Traders, Partnerships & Companies
➢ Covers wide range of office goods including computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, telephone systems etc.

Automatic approval for clients with NO FINANCIAL documentation will be secured upon provision and confirmation of the following: –
➢ Clear and Satisfactory Credit History and Report.
➢ Proprietorship in Real Estate
➢ If company, director’s Guarantees
➢ Established in Business 2 years (ABN registered 2 years)

Please call Giulia Polizzi at Acceptance Finance for advice on these products.