SMSF Lending Update 2022


After a quite couple of years, lending for SMSF is once again becoming a popular strategy with Business Partner Network, with a regular flow of enquiry on the products.

In 2019 we saw Macquarie, who had long been a major player in the space, pull out of SMSF lending, leaving 2nd and 3rd tier lenders being the only options, which often led to clients paying high interest rates and set up fees. It also meant there were minimal options to refinance these rates to obtain a better deal.

In recent months we’ve seen some lenders return to the market with well priced products, with a simple assessment process which should make was once a complicated process quite streamlined.

Here is a snapshot of one residential SMSF loan products we have access to:

Here’s a handy summary of how a financed property purchase in a SMSF is structured:

If you would like to know more about the SMSF lending products available from our panel of lenders, please contact one of the brokers below.