Yen Seymour

Loan Processer

Yen is a licensed teacher and has earned units for a Master of Arts in Education with a Major in Educational Administration. She practiced her teaching profession at a private school for five years. She had two years of experience working as a Virtual Assistant and two years in the BPO industry as a Customer Service Consultant.

Yen joined Acceptance Finance in 2023, and began her career in the Finance industy. She has developed into a skilled auditor, with a keen eye for detail.

In her free time Yen enjoys reading web articles, watching movies, viewing cooking videos online, and playing MOBA Games.

If the world were silent for 20 seconds and all ears were turned to you, what would you say?

Excellence is not being the best; it’s doing your best.

What’s your coffee order?

I’ll have Ferreroccino.

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